A Cautionary Tale

by Rick Barry

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Words and music by Rick Barry


Deep down I think we knew it from the start,
we dug our stick into the sidewalk and we left our marks
the next day when the cement got hard, we knew our names would live forever.
The years have gone by and throught the sweet and sour,
your successes become my failures
still we embraced it all together for worse or for better
still, I won’t believe in God, until I can hold you in my arms
cause with you gone, I am so lost
Now, I was aware of the dangers when we started,
too many cautionary tales of the broken hearted
still my fears were disregarded when I first held you near.
Now the days are empty without you with me
there is no one left to contradict me
when I speak it feels like no one’s listening and my words just disappear
but you cannot blame yourself for the sadness that you felt
still with you gone, I am so lost
Now every passing moments an opportunity
to cast away the demons and set myself free
Still I don’t think I have the strength inside me for battle like this
cause if you take away the vices and the cowardice,
the self destructive nature and the arrogance,
I swear, there would be nothing left, I’d be a ghost hiding in the mist
where no one hears my cries, beneath that pale, fading disguise
And with you gone, I am so lost.


released April 19, 2011
Produced by Andy Bova at Simple Sound Studio in Neptune, NJ. Mastered by Roger Quinn at Asbury Media. Cover illustration by Emily Whitt. Rick Barry- Vocals/Guitar
Andy Bova- Guitar/Keys/Bass/Drums


all rights reserved


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