Our Mutual Friend

by Rick Barry



I'm not good at good byes, So I'll watch from a distance
as you board that airplane and ascend towards the heavens.
And I'll stay behind and watch over the other
both the faithfully blind and the true believers.
And as your world's spinning out of control, I'll be your constant, yes I'll give you hope.
If you're lost and don't know where to go, I'll be your compass, I'll guide you home.
Darling, please come home
Now some have been healed and others have perished
Some answers were revealed and some questions simply vanished
Some how hope still survived, deep in the shadows
when, in the darkness of night, you were saved from the gallows
When your heart’s heavy and your head is hung low,
I’m right beside you, I’ll give you hope
And when flight seems the best way to go,
I’ll be your compass, yes I’ll guide you home
you were put in that cage and you barely survived
Then you made your escape, under the cover of night
Now your friends are all gone and you mourn in there absence
Your enemies are strong and they come in battalions
And you think of your mistakes and what you wish now to undo
But there’s no distance too great, no cage that can hold you
and as your world’s spinning out of control,
I’ll be your constant yes I’ll give you hope
and if you’re lost and don’t know where to go,
I’ll be your compass, I’ll guide you home


released June 6, 2011
Produced by Andy Bova at Simple Sound Studios in Neptune, NJ. Contact: simplesoundstudio@gmail.com
Mastered by Roger Quinn at Asbury Media. Artwork by Emily Whitt. Design by Andy Bova
Andy Bova- Guitar/Drums
Nikki Whit- Additional Vocals
Justin Borneman- Bass
James Stahon- Guitars
Robert Butkowski- Lap Steel
Rick Barry- Acoustic guitar/Vocals


all rights reserved


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